Trade Show
22 — 25 June 2021 China, Guangzhou

Ceramics China 2021


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Event details

CERAMICS CHINA 2021, as a high-standard brand pageant in global ceramics industry, has proudly become the key networking platform, and the important carrier & window of technology exchange and business trading across the world. Leading companies and elite suppliers around the world are gathering at CERAMICS CHINA, showcasing their innovation know-how of raw materials, decorative materials, refractories, production technology, equipment and services for end-users of building ceramics, sanitaryware, tableware, artistic ceramics and industrial ceramics.

The previous edition has attracted 816 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, of which domestic companies accounted for 78% and overseas companies accounted for 22%. Received 83,092 domestic visitors from 355 cities in China and 12,088 overseas visitors (accounting for 12.7%) from 76 countries.

Estimated Figures of CERAMICS CHINA 2021

900+ Exhibitors

5,500+ Booths

100,000+ Square meters

120,000+ Visits

80+ Visitors countries

20+ Exhibitors countries



Key products to be presented at the trade show

- Raw materials: Clay, Quartz, Feldspar, Additives, Abrasives

- Raw material preparation: Testing, Ball-milling, Filtration, Spray drying

- Forming/Drying: Feeding, Mold, Press, Dryer

- Glaze/Decoration: Colors, Glazes, Ink, Glazing, Inkjet printing equipment

- Firing: Kiln, Furnace, Combustion, Refractory

- Finishing: Grinding, Polishing, Abrasives, Diamond tools

- Packaging/Warehousing: Packaging machinery, Smart storage system

- Associated equipment: Desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal equipment, Sewage treatment equipment, Waterjet/cutting machine

- Accessories/Parts: Belts, Motors, Bearings, Components, Filters

Event program

Ceramics China 2021 is one of the most popular and high-end trade shows in Asia, where leading companies and elite suppliers from all around the world are gathering to meet new partners for their business spheres and showcase their products and innovations.  The trade show will take up more than 100 000 sq. meters of expo space with over 120,000 visitors and 900+ exhibitors. 
This will be a three day event, covering the whole product chain in many industries including washing, dry cleaning, dyeing, chemicals, cleaning, disinfection, leather care, textile leasing, information solutions, etc.
22 — 25 June 2021
Tuesday — Friday
Area A, Canton Fair Complex
China, Guangzhou
No.380 Yuejiang Middle Rod, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province